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A team dedicated to tailoring each event to meet your needs.

Here at Company Events INC., we have a staff of event planners that are waiting to strategize and make your events the most unique and innovative experience you could ask for.

  • Dedicated team to help market your cybersecurity services.
  • Dedicated staff members ready to assist you in diversifying your company's events.
  • We also have testimonials and recent companies increased value data graphs below. 

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We have a wide variety of images from our successful events of the past so you can have an glimpse of what you next event can be!


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We offer cyber security marketing services to increase your service area with partners in 53 countries around the world. 

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We started as only an event planning company. Our events are captivating and leave you wanting more.

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We have been doing this business and rooted ourselves in multi different business markets. 

Happy Clients Our clients have been boastful about the experience our company has provided leading to nothing but great testimonies.  

Projects This year we have successful plans 85 projects that have gone on to have standing ovations at their conclusions.

Years of experience We have been around for 35 years showing that our business could withstand the changing world of events.

Awards We have been awarded 20 awards showcasing our recognition in our field.

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